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Carsinigin (pronounced kär-ˈsi-nə-jən) a deliberate misspelling of "carcinogen"

Definition: a substance or agent causing cancer

The Great Desk Organization

Normally every couple months I'll spend an hour or two clearing off all the extra items that have accumulated on my desk, pieces of junk mail, the bills,  candy wrappers, etc.  I got around to that last night along with putting my newly acquired scanner back in it's box to clear up two square feet of desk space it was occupying.  I not satisfied with the results.  It's still too disorganized.

I've got three computers and an Xbox 360 that I want hooked up into a single keyboard, mouse and monitor.  Then there is a firewall in a fourth computer that doesn't need a keyboard, mouse or monitor.   Then all the networking gear; a wireless router/switch, Ethernet switch, cable modem.   I have about 40 pieces of equipment around my desk, including wall warts, not counting cables.   It's currently a mess of unintelligible cables.  

I've always been able to keep a tidy desk at work.  Probably because there are people looking at my desk at work.  That and they only let me have two computer at work and only one monitor.  One thing I like about the desk I have at work is that it is a corner L shaped desk.   I've got my main computer in the corner and one side is my hardware workbench and the other can be used for working with papers or my laptop.

I've been looking for a good L shaped desk to replace the straight desk I have at home but most of them have attached hutches and shelf's that would get in my way.  The ones I like are too expensive or too big to fit into the space I have.  It looks like I'm stuck with the one I've got for the time being.

So now it's on to some tough decisions.  I need to cut back on the gizmo's on my desk and create a space that can be reconfigured quickly for the devices I don't use often.  I can move all my photography items off and just plug them in when I need them.  I don't need my computer speakers anymore since my wife requires my to use headphones.  My old Xbox can be moved to the TV room since I don't use it at all anymore.  That also removed the need for the audio mixer I have since I was just using it as an amp for the XBox's sound and without the XBox I'm down to four Ethernet devices so I can get rid of the extra switch( I think), or I just always use wireless for the laptop and reduce the ports I need that way.

If the weather is still crappy and my wife doesn't have other plans, it's time to rip apart my desk and put it back together again. 

Published Wednesday, October 25, 2006 3:38 PM by Carsinigin
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